At REACH-iT, we understand you have choices when considering your Water Fed Window Cleaning Tools - and we want you to join our amazing  line of customers who choose REACH-iT.

As the only manufacturer selling direct to Window Cleaners in North America, we feel we can offer you MORE VALUE by mere fact that we do not have a middle-man.  If we pass to you the means to clean FASTER, BETTER, SAFER at the most competitive VALUE, of course, you will choose REACH-iT!

We don't see Reach-iT competing with resellers on price, because 'price' is how they buy - so 'price' is how they sell. We feel very strongly that we are able to offer greater value, by giving you MORE TOOLS and accessories to go with your REACH-iT Pole  - ultimately meaning you can clean more windows for more money.

ELITE is the FULL KIT from Reach-iT for WARRIOR  - it includes everything you will ever need - other than the PLUS A and PLUS B extensions, and your SPOT-FREE Water Solution.


Our inspiration is as follows:  When a team of soldiers go out on an 'op' or a 'sorty', they take everything they need for any situation - this is the thinking behind ELITE PACK - no window cannot be cleaned, safety is paramount, and efficiency is guaranteed.  



The WARRIOR Water Fed Window Cleaning Pole is a combination design based on both our early Reach-iT Poles PRO and MINI - we made WARRIOR noticeably MORE RIGID by changing the laminate plan to be over 30% Ultra-High Modulus Carbonfiber for Water Fed Window Cleaning FASTER, BETTER, SAFER!

Our goal is to maximise your efficiency. In seeking to guide you through the decision making process, we want to draw your attention to the fact that you will achieve more time savings and therefore achieve a higher hourly rate by focusing on how to clean FASTER, BETTER, and SAFER on 80% of the windows you clean, rather than you would by focusing on the much smaller percentage of the ‘highest windows’ you plan to clean.


The Reach-iT design is all about the 80:20 RULE:

We ask you ‘What is the height range of windows that account for 80% of the glass you clean?” This is typically 1-2 stories for Residential and 1-4 stories for Commercial operators. We then ask “What is the maximum height windows you intend to clean any time in the future?” With the answers to these two questions, we are able to recommend a pole that is DESIGNED for the 80% of the windows you clean, and able to be extended any time in the future to reach the ‘highest windows you want to clean’.

To understand this better, consider that only 25% of the glass of a 4 story building is at 4 stories, 75% is 3 stories and below, 50% is 2 stories and below, and 25% of the windows (ground floor) could be cleaned by hand without a water fed pole!

WARRIOR is designed as a modular 3-4-story telescopic pole system that can be disassembled to clean lower windows, and extended with PLUS A and PLUS B to clean higher windows.

Standing at just 5ft 6” compact height, and 35ft of actual pole length (add 5ft Operator height to get ’45ft REACH’), WARRIOR has all the clamps at just above chest height (starting just 4ft 6" off the base), making it totally convenient to adjust the length of the pole at all times. Adding our new SHOCKSTOP Insulator Handle, adds an additional 5ft to the WARRIOR master.   

WARRIOR is a 7-section telescopic pole, pulling apart at sections 1,3 and 5 to give you a shorter, lighter pole when working lower glass.  Sections 1-5 give 30ft reach, Sections 1-3 give you a 20ft reach, and Section 1 on its own gives you 10ft reach.  This is the essential Reach-iT design - a ‘Pole System’ designed specifically for Window Cleaning, pulling apart and extending one story at a time.

(for complete and exhaustive information on WARRIOR POLE, click here)  

ALSO INCLUDED in WARRIOR : POWER PACK are all the following accessories:

60FT RHINO-TUBE    (Click Here)

Price $39


Price $30


Price $249

SHOCKSTOP    (Click Here)

Price $229

CONNECT    (Click Here)

Price $199

GRIP    (Click Here)

Price $199

CHECK-IT   (Click Here) 

Price $49


Price $99

PRISMS    (Click Here)

Price $39


Price $19.95 ea


Price $19.95


ELITE PACK includes everything in the WARRIOR : POWER PACK  ( click here)



Window Glass is almost always installed vertical, but where the Operator stands in relation to the glass varies depending on the geography around the building you are cleaning. If you are operating in a 3ft pathway with a fence beside you, your pole will be almost vertical, and, if the window is recessed, it is difficult to get the brush flat on the glass. In this case, using the 95º Gooseneck gives you the perfect solution. In another situation, you may need to be further away from the building - so we give you 110º, 125º and 140º goosenecks to guarantee you can access any glass on any job without having to contort your body. Designed to help you clean FASTER and SAFER. 

We include a dedicated CONSTRUCTOR Brush with a EURO THREAD MOUNT to fit the goosenecks because you cannot use the GOOSENECKS with SIDE 2 SIDE (the gooseneck will 'jackknife' with the apex of the angle being too far away from the swivel pivot point.

Price $395

To learn more about HDG, click here


MAX-REACH can extend your WARRIOR POLE horizontally up to 7ft.

This is ideal for glass awnings above walkways in shopping strips, for cleaning windows over doorway structures, and even the glass ceilings of elevated walkways.

MAX-REACH is unique to REACH-iT Poles because you need the ultimate rigidity to support the weight of the brush with a 7 FOOT DISPLACEMENT!

Price $129

To learn more about MAX-REACH GOOSENECK, click here 


Just like any surface cleaning tool, the wider the tool, the more surface you clean with every stroke action. 12" CONSTRUCTOR 'ALL-ROUNDER' is fitted with SIDE 2 SIDE and HYDRO-BLADE, both along the top edge, and in each of the end-caps.  This addition means you have both a 12" and a 16" ALL-ROUNDER, because for Residential Windows, sometimes (just like squeegee channels), smaller is better.

Price $245

To learn more about the ALL-ROUNDER, click here


When we are cleaning with traditional tools, window cleaners have a whole range of AGITATION tools to increase their efficiency and effectiveness. From the standard mop, to the porcupine mop, to white non-scratch pads, to 0000 Steel Wool, and finally, to a Stainless Steel Razor Blade.  

Reach-iT is committed to the same logic - how to increase the power of agitation so that concretions, excretions and pollutions can be removed with one or two stroke actions.  This is the meaning, and the future of WINDOW WEAPON - everything you would use traditionally, available now for Water Fed. 

WINDOW WEAPON includes 3 x 12 sq inch SCRUBS of 6 different abrasive agitation materials currently microfiber, white non-scratch pad, bronze wool, steel wool, Blue Metal, and Stainless Steel Mesh (18 SCRUBS in total).

Price $249

To learn more about WINDOW WEAPON, click here



Take the BLACK DIAMOND EXPERIENCE and discover Squeegee Rubber with the SHARPEST EDGE, with a longer working life. BLACK DIAMOND is designed with a lower profile than Ettore, to give more control with your channel, and is available in SOFT and MED/SOFT to match your working temperature conditions. 

Price $50

To learn more about BLACK DIAMOND SQUEEGEE RUBBER, click here


The GUNSLINGER Tool Holster is the latest invention in the traditional window cleaning tool management designed by Richie Blue in San Diego, CA to replace the plastic BOAB.

GUNSLINGER has several benefits compared to a plastic BOAB - here are just a few :  







It’s truly a revolutionary tool holster that will change the way you clean windows!

If you don’t choose otherwise, we will default to a matching color GUNSLINGER (BLACK for WARRIOR PACK) however if you leave a note in checkout, you can request from our 16 color choice ‘already-made’ range of GUNSLINGERS to match your company colors and we will do our best to meet your request.

Price $99

To learn more about GUNSLINGER, including video training, (click here)


Call our USA Team on 562-684-4928 anytime to discuss the right PLUS solution for you at this time. Remember, you don't need to buy what you don't need today - if you own a WARRIOR, you can reach over 65 FEET at anytime in the future. You can also start with DI ONLY and upgrade to RO-DI any time in the future.

OPTIONS to EXTEND WARRIOR (not included):

PLUS A (extend 11ft) 

Add PLUS A to your WARRIOR pole to extend it even further to reach high glass up to 55ft reach.  PLUS A is an inverse 2-part telescopic pole that connects between sections 3 and 4 of your WARRIOR master pole.  Made from High Modulus Carbonfiber, PLUS A is 6ft 2” compact, and adds 11ft 4” extension to your reach.

To learn more about PLUS A, click here

PLUS AB (extend 22ft) 

Add PLUS AB to your WARRIOR pole to extend it even further to reach high glass up to 65 ft reach.  PLUS A is an inverse 2-part telescopic pole that connects between sections 3 and 4 of your WARRIOR master pole.  Plus B is an inverse 2-part telescopic pole that connects between sections 5 and 6 of your WARRIOR master pole. Made from Ultra-High Modulus Carbonfiber, PLUS A and PLUS B are 6ft 2” compact, and each adds 11ft 4” extension to your reach.  

To learn more about PLUS AB, click here

PLUS ABB (extend 34ft) 

Add PLUS ABB to your WARRIOR pole to extend it even further to reach high glass to over 75ft reach. PLUS A is an inverse 2-part telescopic pole that connects between sections 3 and 4 of your WARRIOR master pole. Plus B are an inverse 2-part telescopic pole that connect between sections 5 and 6 of your WARRIOR master pole (you can connect two PLUS B one after the other. Made from High Modulus Carbonfiber, PLUS A and PLUS B are 6ft 2” compact, and each adds 11ft 4” extension to your reach. 

To learn more about PLUS ABB, click here


OPTIONS for PURE WATER (not included):


PURE E-PACK is a simple and low-cost Dual-Tank DI System that is ideal for the following conditions : IF YOU ARE:  

1  Starting out with Water Fed Window Cleaning (less than 10 hours per week on external glass)

2  Spending less than $1000 per year in DI RESIN

3  Working in low water pressure environments

4 Working in areas with TDS less than 150ppm (research your local TDS at www.zerowater.com)

Price $219

for full information on PURE E-PACK, click here


REACH-iT FLOW is the most advanced, affordable RO-DI System in the market, with an incredibly small footprint.  Standing at just 32" tall, FLOW has a perfectly low center of gravity, and being just 16" x 22" in your vehicle, FLOW takes up minimal space - it even straps in the back seat of a vehicle, or the trunk of a hatchback!

REACH-IT FLOW is rated at 2500gpd in factory conditions, and is 'tweaked' to maximise pure water output for Water Fed Window Cleaning.  This means, at 60PSI water pressure, you can clean to 3 stories under most conditions without a pump.

As the use of RO MEMBRANES is heavily affected by water temperature, and back pressure (from hose / tube / fittings / and gravity), it is prudent to add a BOOSTER PUMP  - and FLOW is designed with a cavity to hold the readily available and very affordable WAYNE PC4 BOOSTER PUMP that will add up to 35PSI to your inlet pressure.  Owning a WAYNE PC4 means you can overcome your situational pressure issues at any time.  Alternatively, as the WAYNE PC4 is a cast iron build, you could (for a little more money) consider the all-aluminum LIBERTY 331 PUMP, but it doesn't fit the FLOW CAVITY as well as the WAYNE PUMP does. 

Price $1995

for full information on FLOW, click here


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

I bought this Warrior: Elite Pack!! I am impressed beyond words. This is the best pole in the Universe! Stiff, rigid, light and easy to use. I bought the Reach-It Pro when it first came out way back in 2012? Original pole still in use. Doing more high rise work and the Warrior Elite is the way to go. Thank you Perry and your team for getting this pole in production. Can not wait until the next innovation!!!

Bedford Window Cleaning UK

Top quality piece of kit, can’t fault it in any way, best WFP on the market anywhere.

Excellent build quality on all included accessories on the elite bundle.

Made the leap here, and glad I did! Was able to customize snd upgrade the brushes in the pack to my needs. It did require open and transparent communication with Perry and Indira who were super helpful throughout the process. Began using the reach it technique on the windows and got spot free results I definately made a few more passes into the corners of the windows, but have been blowing throgh residential sooo much faster! Have an air diaphragm pump to drive the water from a tank to drive a big 20 inch brush for solar. My only regret is 2 non reach it pole purchases from another vendor in arizona prior to this one! It would have been better to buy a mini elite pack and this warrior pack by themselves than have 4 poles total I have now.
Kevin Hansel
Blue moon window cleaning
San diego

Great Product poor communication

I’m conflicted to have to write this , but it’s exactly one week since I checked on delivery of my product . I paid for 4-7 day delivery it came in piece by piece over 14 days. Perry is awesome but the two people who answered the phone stateside are my isssue. Talk to a pleasant young lady last Thursday a week later Stull no call back from my initial questions . There was a gentleman that returned my Thursday call as well who’s only comments where to explain to me what wasn’t his responsibility and to ultimately hang up on me . Perry and his innovations, willingness to help , and products are 5 star his back office customer service staff is not an equal reflection of him . Looking forward to making money faster , cleaner , safer with Reach it warrior .

The best money can buy!

I have used many different poles over the years, starting with aluminium back in the days, upgraded to fibre glass, and later to carbon fibre. Until I got the warrior, I thought carbon fibre is just carbon fibre, but I was wrong! This is extreemly rigid, and I can do my work even more precise than I could with my former pole. And with the elite pack, you get a lot of great extra tools that all really helps getting the job done