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It's PROVEN - HYDRO-BLADE turns Hydrophobic glass to Hydrophilic, and will double your speed on the glass! 

This is the upgrade everyone is waiting for  - HYDRO-BLADE  - the Water Squeegee!

What's included in the pack ? 

1 x LOW HYDRO-BLADE (1 Jet Port per inch) * read below

1 x MID HYDRO-BLADE (3 Jet Ports per two inches) * read below 

2 x GREEN RHINO-TUBE for around the brush

1 x CONNECTOR TUBE for central water bar

1 x Metal T for joining to CONSTRUCTOR 

1 x T Pushfit 

1 x Straight Pushfit

1 x Spare Parts Kit 

 Shipping to your door.

This is the easiest and best upgrade for CONSTRUCTOR - perfecting the linear flow, and advancing the phenomenon that sees HYDROPHOBIC GLASS behave as if it is HYDROPHILIC!

* in order to ship 24" HYDRO-BLADES economically and without breakage, we are shipping it in two 'halves'. Each half is fully assembled, it just needs to be glued together (preferably with ABS GLUE) (video available).  Please source a small tube of ABS GLUE (model glue).