Universal Euro Thread to Side 2 Side Adaptor for PRO-BRUSH (CONSTRUCTOR Brush)
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Fit your SIDE 2 SIDE and CONSTRUCTOR BRUSH to any non-Reach-iT pole. 


Personal Note from Perry : 

Now that we have perfected HYDRO-BLADE, this adaptor will give you access to the most amazing brush, even if you are not using a Reach-iT pole.  

Compatible with Gardiner, Ionics, X-Line, X-Tel, Facelift and Xero (Weihai Xinbo Composites) - UK-STYLE fixed length, internal tube, 'affordable' pole designs with Euro-thread tips, as well as Unger poles that follow the Reach-iT pole design philosophy. 

The Adaptor price also includes a contribution from you to our R&D costs, as CONSTRUCTOR BRUSH was developed from the profit from our Reach-iT poles customers and past CONSTRUCTOR BRUSH customers - without them, there would be no CONSTRUCTOR or HYDRO-BLADE for you to buy today! 

I humbly ask you to support us further, next time you are buying a Water Fed Pole, or Pure Water System (we now have Reach-iT FLOW that creates a whole new category of Pure Water Systems!) 

Your investment will support our R&D for the new BRONZE WOOL CONSTRUCTOR BRUSH, the new CONSTRUCTOR SILL BRUSH, a DISPOSABLE CONSTRUCTOR (works out-of-the-box, and cannot be modified) as well as a whole range of Tucker style brushes that we think we can improve on! 

Thank you for your support - we are loving how we can continually 'raise the bar' in our industry for you to win!