RHINO FLAT HOSE - 4 colors - 5/16" x 3/8"
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The world's first flat hose for window cleaners.

Rated max 100PSI, 5/16" ID (8mm) UV Resistant, Kink-Free flat hose. (12mmOD) 

After 3 years indisputed success and dominance of RHINO-TUBE, we introduce RHINO HOSE which lies flat, just like RHINO-TUBE and also packs flat.

The focus of RHINO-HOSE is to facilitate a faster PACK-OUT and PACK-UP. It is incredibly kink-free, and it self-empties of water as soon as you disconnect it from pressure. It is a smaller profile so you can use longer lengths at a time. It is not designed for reels - it is designed for manual distribution and collection. - ideal for Residential Window Cleaning.

RHINO-HOSE just wants to lie flat - it is completely kink-free, and if you crimp it, it will block all water flow, and yet not remember the crimp.

Being a flat hose, you are not dealing with a volume of air inside the tube - it packs into less than half the space of regular hose. When you go to coil it in your hand in loops, you will fit at least twice as much at a time.

RHINO-HOSE is supplied with GARDENA Quick-Connects - this enables you to decide the exact lengths you want, yet still be able to connect them together.

300ft is supplied with 6 GARDENA Female Connectors and 2 x Double Male Gardena Connectors

150ft is supplied with 4 GARDENA Female Connectors and 1 x Double Male Gardena Connector.