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By adding a PLUS Extension to the JANITORIAL 20, you can reach 30-35ft easily.  This is ideal for when you need to reach and clean gables, or you have dropping landscape around the building.  Once you have cleaned the high glass, remove the PLUS, and continue cleaning with JANITORIAL 20.

 Formerly known as 'Multi-Pole', see more about this pole here :  


JANITORIAL 30 is 20ft pole 'JANITORIAL 20' pole extended with a 10ft 2-part extension.  

It comes with an EZY-BRUSH  - designed for lower skilled workers, and 60ft of RHINO-TUBE with an adaptor to GARDENA QUICK CONNECT. 

This pole is 50% FIBREGLASS - it is less rigid than a PROFESSIONAL Reach-iT.