MINI-PLUS B Extension (all yellow)
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The PLUS B fits in between the 4th and 5th section of the Reach-iT MINI. 

PLUS B (compact height 4ft 6") is an 8ft 4" extension which, along with PLUS A, extends the MINI to 45FT, or 55ft reach!

PLUS B is a Core Rigidity Extension. The taller the pole is, the more stress gets applied to the middle sections of the pole. Adding a high modulus extension increases the rigidity at the core while extending the reach of the pole.

With the CONNECT AB, you can turn PLUS B (and other PLUS extensions) into a second 25ft modular water fed pole.

Customer Reviews

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Great piece of kit

We bought both B and C sections and they're great for getting the job done! It's great to be able to take them apart as you come down.
They're expensive extension poles, but They're very high quality, so never have to worry about it breaking. They'll definitely last for years, I guess if you need it definitely buy it.

Good pole and value

We love most things about the pole, its design and features are great. The only negative is when adding the extensions for greater height it gets a little more "wobbly" than we want. Still, a great pole.

Great product

Great product