Reach-iT MINI 2 (2016 Edition)
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$790.00 USD

Brand: Reach-iT


What's in the box:

  1. Reach-iT MINI 2 Master Pole - 25ft, breaking down to 14ft and 4ft, constructed from 100% Carbonfiber.
  2. End Defenders (fitted to each handle section)
  3. Pole-Skin (Protective cover for MINI 2 handle)
  4. RHINO CLAMPS with TUBERUNNER external tube guides
  5. Rhino-APEX, Hose & Tube Connectors, Pole Maintenance Kit
  6. Up to 3 Year Warranty and 2 Year Insurance with our unique ‘If You Care - We Care’ Policy

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  1. 12 inch PRO-BRUSH (also known as CONSTRUCTOR) Brush ‘ ORIGINAL’ with SIDE 2 SIDE
  2. 60ft RHINO-TUBE
  3. POWER & CONTROL Ergonomic Handles
  4. Reach-iT PRISMS Safety Glasses
  5. ONLINE TRAINING for our Proven Method of Water Fed Window Cleaning