MINI-PLUS C Extension (XT)
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The MINI-PLUS C fits onto the 7th section of the Reach-iT MINI (the handle section).

It is an 8ft 4"  Base Extension, it is the most cost effective extension, but weighs around 2 x ore than MINI-PLUS A, or MINI-PLUS B.

You can add 3x MINI-PLUS C to the base of your MINI, or for a more rigid option, add it to the base while the MINI-PLUS A and B are in the core.

With the MINI-CONNECT C, turn this extension (and other MINI-PLUS's with it) into a modular water fed pole.

The MINI PLUS-C is now the same price as all other PLUS EXTENSIONS so they are chosen on merit, not price .. The PLUS C has the advantage of being added to the base of the pole, but the disadvantage of adding a lot more weight (the same as PLUS A and PLUS B together) and thereby increasing the flex in the top of the MINI.