REACH-iT's EZY-Brush - Tucker-Brush / Pencil Jet style
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This is an amazing Broom-Style Brush to increase the efficiency of 'Traditional Water Fed Window Cleaners'  - the ones that prefer to rinse off the glass.

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For AGITATION, we pay full respect to the 30 years of TUCKER Brush experience - proving a bristle configuration over decades - we saw no reason to try and re-think this.  We have replicated the ORIGINAL Tucker design - Dual Trim Nylon.  We are waiting to see the success or otherwise of inserting Boars Hair and Sponge to the centre of the brush.

For RINSE, we really saw the weaknesses of all other Broom-Style brushes with 2 and 4 pencil jets mounted in the centre of the brush, and so we set out to increase the speed of the window cleaner - by adding TWIN WING JETS to the outer extremity of the Brush.  This way, the operator has less side-to-side amplitude, as well as having DOUBLE the RINSE DEPTH when you are on hydrophobic glass.


EZY-Brush comes fully assembled and also is supplied with a spare set of 'large jets' (double the size orifice, for those that like loads of water).

EZY-BRUSH is a 'fully assembled' out-of-the-box BRUSH with the following components :  


1 x 4DOODOOS Bumper

1 x EURO FLAT MOUNT for Angle Adaptors or Reach-iT's APEX 

1 x SET OF 6 1/25" JETS 

1 x SET OF 6 1/12" JETS

1 x SET 8 PUSHFITS to connect jets


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