'REACH E-PACK' (only with new Reach-iT Pole)
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We are passionate about getting the brush to the glass efficiently !

REACH EFFICIENCY is about keeping the brush square on the glass, for maximum agitation and rinse effectiveness, regardless of where you stand in relation to the glass (if you are directly under a window, you need 90º gooseneck, but if you are on the other side of a swimming pool, you need  145º gooseneck).

Architectural Obstacles prevent the pole from straight line access to the window with SIDE 2 SIDE and CONSTRUCTOR Brush, so we give you one foot and two feet horizontal extensions, reaching into recessed windows and also over protruding sun-shades.

As you cannot use a big Gooseneck AND a swivel head, we include for you the FLAT  EURO ADAPTOR for CONSTRUCTOR BRUSH (to temporarily replace SIDE 2 SIDE) .  

When working at heights, you need to use a heavy duty gooseneck to hold the brush off the glass -  this is another application of REACH GOOSENECKS, as well as connecting to wider brushes like 20" and 24" for better stability and brush efficiency on commercial properties !

What's in the box:

2 x Euro Flat Mount for CONSTRUCTOR PRO-BRUSH ($39.90)
2 x RHINO-TIP for EURO FLAT MOUNT ($19.95)


 LIMIT ONE PER POLE ORDERED, ONLY AVAILABLE WITH a Reach-iT pole order : NOT AVAILABLE INDIVIDUALLY (order will be refunded), not available to Distributors, colors may vary at the sellers discretion.