Size Guide

RHINO HI-FLO is the latest release from REACH-IT for the delivery of water from the spigot to the brush.  

REACH-iT brushes are designed on the basis of 'USE MORE WATER, USE LESS TIME'  -  it's a little ambiguous, because you will save so much time, that you will actually use less water!

As we design brushes that use more water, we also need to be able to transport more water to the brush.  The smaller the Internal Diameter (ID) of a hose or tube, the more friction there is, and ultimately, the less pressure there will be available at the jets to 'squirt' the water the right distance to the glass.


RHINO HI-FLO can be used along the ground for 75-150 FEET to have a more convenient delivery hose, however it will reduce the pressure available at the brush compared to using RHINO FLAT HOSE.


RHINO-TUBE is a 5/16" ID tube which is fine up to 16" CONSTRUCTOR, however, it is limited with brushes 20" and wider.  RHINO HI-FLO is 3/8" ID, delivering more water to your wider brushes.

REMEMBER : The longer the tube or hose, no matter the ID, the less pressure will be available at the brush, so always use the shortest practical length, transporting water with the largest practical ID.  Typically, stepping down the ID over distance preserves pressure better ( so use 1/2", then 3/8", then 5/16" over long distances, unless you are using a 20" CONSTRUCTOR BRUSH, in which case, you would use RHINO HI-FLO all the way to the brush.


Connectors to both 8mm RHINO-TUBE and the Brass-Grey fitting is a connector from RHINO HI-FLO to GARDENA to connect to GARDEN HOSE or RHINO FLAT HOSE. Also included is a 10/8/8/8 +, a 10/8/8 Y, and a 10/10 joiner.