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What makes RHINO-Tube the best water fed tube in the world... for the last 4 years (proven by time, unlike cheap copies). 

Rhino-tube is engineered to go back to lying flat - no curls, twists, or knots.

Totally Kink-Free, RHINO-TUBE is unchanged by hot water or freezing conditions - it is UV protected so it will not deteriorate.

Technical Specifications:

  • Rated to 100PSI.
  • Outside Diameter : 5/16" or 8mm
  • Inside Diameter    : 5mm 

If you want to run lengths greater than 150ft, you can either use a push fit joiner (with shoulder locks) or we advise that you use RHINO FLAT HOSE for longer runs, in order to reduce the Wall Thickness Friction that leads to cumulative pressure loss!

If you still want 300ft lengths, please call 562-684-4928 for availability.