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The only water fed tube designed for Water Fed Window Cleaning, and designed to last for years.

RHINO-TUBE is designed to service the 'work-zone' and up the water fed pole - it's light, thin, and it just wants to lie flat !

5/16" (8mm) OD 

RHINO-TUBE is heavily impregnated with UV PROTECTION to ensure it does not break down every year with daily outdoor use, like other tubes.

As a unique composition, RHINO-TUBE does not change its composition or qualities in boiling water, or freezing temperatures.

Made from PU that is Made in USA, RHINO-TUBE is designed for the North American Window Cleaner and Window Washer market.

PLEASE NOTE :  CHECK with USA 562-684-4928 (or on LiveChat) for 300ft lengths of RHINO-TUBE.