'UPSTROKE' Bristle Blade Pack
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Turn your PRO-BRUSH (also known as CONSTRUCTOR) Master into a UPSTROKE Brush. 

This is our latest innovation and the FIRST that takes full advantage of the Bristle Blades in such a way NO OTHER BRUSH can !

UPSTROKE is designed on the observation that 80% of the Agitation Phase is achieved by the upstroke - and there is very little pressure being applied to the bristles on the down stroke. So .. we want to have the upper bristles designed to maximise the upstroke, and that means we can design the lower bristles to ‘pull’ the dirty water off the glass, just like we do with a ‘straight pull’ with a squeegee.

Includes End Cap Bristles.  PRO-BRUSH (also known as CONSTRUCTOR) channel not included.