This was my first wfp and pure water system. It was by far the best investment I have made. I did have 1 small issue with 2 clamps but it was immediately rectified by Perry.

Gerren Zajac

 I have been using Reach-iT poles, brushes and supporting tools for many years now. The poles and brushes are excellent and have endured the use of several different operators over the years. The brushes wear out, some designs haven't been awesome, but over the generations of brushes the quality has consistently improved.

Jim Ordway

I purchased my Mini nearly a year ago and cant imagine doing windows without it.Perry and his staff go above and beyond in terms of service, R and D, education and safety.I am so impressed that the term health of the operator has been considered and thought of.The team at Reach It are always innovating and pushing the envelope on what makes a more efficient window cleaning tool.I will be a life long customer

Jerome L. Calderone

I have several products from this company. I've loved everything. Any issue that popped up (as all equipment will have a few) was an easy fix. Great customer service, And exallent prices.

Kyle Bow

My Reach-It Mini is by far the best pole we own! In my opinion the side to side system really sets this WFP apart from the competition. I have never dealt with a company where the owner will communicate directly with you! I feel completely covered in my investment with Reach-It. THANK YOU!!

Karl Jensen