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GRIP is another SAFETY solution for the ergonomic comfort of you, our esteemed Reach-iT customer.

GRIP is a set of handles for when an Operator is using section 1 of any REACH-iT Pole as a ground handle - which is the REACH-iT SOLUTION for glass fencing, balustrades, and ground floor windows.


1  Remove section 1 from your REACH-iT Pole

2  Slide the small foam handle up the pole section to suit your comfort

3  If you want to use internal tubing, thread a length of RHINO-TUBE that matches the length of your #1 section down the inside of section 1, using a 5/16" PUSHFIT at the top to prevent it falling through section 1

4  Connect the internal tube of GRIP with a 5/16" (8mm) PUSHFIT to the internal tube fitted to section 1, so that water will flow through from GRIP to the brush.

5  Slide on the main GRIP Handle onto the base of section 1, with 6-8" overlap. Close and adjust clamp.

6 Connect RHINO-TUBE to the 5/16" PUSHFIT at the base of GRIP

Alternatively, keep the RHINO-TUBE on the outside of GRIP and section 1, and hold it with your fingers.


If you have any queries about GRIP, call our USA Team on 562-684-4928 anytime.


Developed by Peter Thomas, Perth, Australia.  Royalty to be paid to Peter by Reach-iT for each GRIP sold.